Model Lineup

  • GR Supra
  • Z
  • Corolla Hatchback
  • LEAF
  • Prius Prime
  • Altima
  • Avalon
  • Avalon Hybrid
  • Camry
  • Camry Hybrid
  • Insight
  • Mirai
  • Sentra
  • 4Runner
  • Armada
  • C-HR
  • Highlander Hybrid
  • Kicks
  • Murano
  • RAV4
  • RAV4 Hybrid
  • RAV4 Prime
  • Rogue
  • Rogue Sport
  • Sequoia
  • Tacoma
  • Titan
  • Titan XD
  • Tundra
  • Tundra Hybrid
  • Odyssey
  • Starting at: $44,640
    MPG: 31 Hwy | 19 City
  • Starting at: $39,990
    MPG: 28 Hwy | 18 City
  • Starting at: $23,155
    MPG: 41 Hwy | 30 City
  • Starting at: $27,800
    MPG: 99 Hwy | 121 City
  • Starting at: $28,670
  • Starting at: $25,490
    MPG: 39 Hwy | 25 City
  • Starting at: $36,825
    MPG: 32 Hwy | 22 City
  • Starting at: $37,850
    MPG: 44 Hwy | 43 City
  • Starting at: $26,220
    MPG: 39 Hwy | 22 City
  • Starting at: $28,355
    MPG: 53 Hwy | 44 City
  • Starting at: $25,760
    MPG: 49 Hwy | 51 City
  • Starting at: $49,500
    MPG: 71 Hwy | 67 City
  • Starting at: $20,050
    MPG: 39 Hwy | 28 City
  • Starting at: $39,555
    MPG: 19 Hwy | 16 City
  • Starting at: $43,190
    MPG: 95 Hwy | 89 City
  • Starting at: $50,700
    MPG: 19 Hwy | 13 City
  • Starting at: $24,130
    MPG: 31 Hwy | 27 City
  • Starting at: $40,620
    MPG: 35 Hwy | 35 City
  • Starting at: $20,440
    MPG: 36 Hwy | 31 City
  • Starting at: $33,860
    MPG: 28 Hwy | 20 City
  • Starting at: $28,275
    MPG: 35 Hwy | 25 City
  • Starting at: $31,225
    MPG: 38 Hwy | 38 City
  • Starting at: $43,090
  • Starting at: $27,360
    MPG: 37 Hwy | 28 City
  • Starting at: $24,960
    MPG: 32 Hwy | 24 City
  • Starting at: $59,865
  • Starting at: $28,250
    MPG: 24 Hwy | 17 City
  • Starting at: $39,700
    MPG: 21 Hwy | 15 City
  • Starting at: $47,340
  • Starting at: $38,965
    MPG: 24 Hwy | 17 City
  • Starting at: $56,415
    MPG: 24 Hwy | 18 City
  • Starting at: $37,490
    MPG: 28 Hwy | 19 City

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Welcome to Riverside Auto Group

Welcome to the Riverside Auto Group, where we humbly and proudly serve the greater Marquette area. We have three locations across Marquette, MI, for all your favorite brands: Riverside Honda in Marquette, Riverside Nissan of Marquette, and Riverside Toyota of Marquette. Visit any one of our locations to browse new vehicles, shop pre-owned vehicles, talk finance, and more.

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As the Riverside Auto Group, we are dedicated to bringing the kind of service that put a smile on our customer's faces. Across our three locations, we like to think of ourselves as more than just where customers come to find their next great deal on a new Honda, Nissan, or Toyota vehicle in Marquette. We value our patrons and offer a variety of services to show our thanks for always choosing us. Get to know us better by browsing our range of services and how we can help you make the best choice.

We make it easy to browse both new and used vehicles across our three locations at Riverside Auto Group. You are sure to find the right vehicle to fit your lifestyle. If you are unsure about what kind of vehicle you need or want, we can help with that. Talk with our team of experts, and they will go through the finer details to discover your preferences and needs and what vehicle will serve you best. Whether you need a car for everyday driving, an SUV for weekend trips, or something more sporty, we have got you covered.

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We also offer comprehensive auto financing options across our three locations. Seamless financing can be a pain to find; however, we make it easy. With our extensive catalog of Honda, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles, you will find the vehicle of your dreams. After that, we will work with your budget to find the right plan. Taking into consideration your budget and needs is what we do best.

There is no doubt you will have questions; it is a natural part of any auto financing discussion. We are happy to answer those questions. Understanding what options are available is the key to finding the right plan for any of our vehicles. And we will help you understand all the terms and conditions of your loan or lease, which will make it easier to decide whether a plan is right for you. Leave the hassle to us and relax as we guide you through the auto financing process.

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Maintaining our relationships with our proud customers requires more than simply selling them vehicles and seeing them off. It requires servicing vehicles when they need it. Each of our three locations across Marquette is ready to welcome your vehicle into their service center for repairs, upgrades, and new parts. Our highly trained service center technicians will be able to inspect your vehicle and determine what parts need repairs. With genuine OEM parts, you can be certain your vehicle is in good hands.

Need an upgrade instead of a repair? Come in or talk to us over the phone, and we can discuss how to stylize your vehicle that reflects your unique personality. Schedule service today.

Let Us Help You

Our staff at all three locations are experienced and enthusiastic about sharing great vehicles and service with our customers. Have a question about any step of the process? We can answer your questions and help guide you through every step. Your satisfaction is our goal. We will not settle with anything less. Want to see a vehicle up close and personal before deciding? Make an appointment for a test drive.